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  • Porn workshop to be shown at Scottish arts festival
    An arts festival in Scotland has been roundly criticised for including a pornography workshop in its programme. The event, to be held next week, has been criticised by a Labour MSP and a spokesperson from the Scottish Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (SCASE), who have both questioned why funding has been given for such a ‘violent’ [...]
  • Scot Govt snubs Named Person campaigners
    Scotland’s Deputy First Minister has refused to meet campaigners who opposed the Named Person scheme, despite promising to carry out an ‘open and inclusive consultation’. John Swinney refused to meet with the No to Named Persons (NO2NP) group, which has campaigned against the plans since 2014. In July, UK Supreme Court judges unanimously ruled that [...]
  • ‘TV diversity includes gender identity but not religion’
    A project which aims to monitor the on and off-screen diversity of popular television programmes has failed to include religion in its questionnaire, while listing ‘gender identity’ as an important category. Project Diamond is set to assess the diversity of staff at popular shows such as Coronation Street and Eastenders, on the BBC, ITV, Channel [...]

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  • High Priest chosen by the Sanhedrin

    The Sanhedrin, the highest ruling authority in Rabbinic Judaism, have chosen Rabbi Baruch Kahane to be the next high priest in preparation for the soon rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. Kahane has played a prominent role in all of the various reenactments of Temple offerings to date, the latest of which was the wave offering (Omer) of the barley loaves. Other recent reenactments include the Passover offering and the water libation ceremony.

  • Temple Institute rehearse Passover 'sacrifice' on Mount of Olives

    On Monday the 18th of April (10th of Nisan), the Temple Institute held a re-enactment of a paschal offering, in anticipation of the approaching feast of Passover. While the Temple Institute stress that this is being performed for educational purposes only, as the actual passover sacrifice can only be carried out on the Temple Mount itself, this was a full-dress rehearsal. Kohanim, descendants of the sons of Aaron, carried out the 'offering' on the Mount of Olives beside a make-shift 'altar' directly opposite the Temple Mount area. They were dressed in priestly garments and bearing silver trumpets, manufactured by the Temple Institute in preparation for the soon rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. The event was attended by around 700 people, including several members of the Knesset.

  • Temple Institute compiling list of priests eligble for conducting offerings

    The Temple Institute has begun compiling a list of names of priests (kohanim) who are eligible for carrying out sacrificial offerings in preparation for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.Descendants of the sons of Aaronwho have kept themselves ritually pure will be able to register. Their ancestry is usually determined by their surname, Levy, Levi or Cohen, but a genetic testwas also developedin recent years. The priestly tribe has gathered on the Temple Mount on various occasions over the past few years to recite blessings.The Temple Institute also started a school to train priests on how to carry out various duties in the Temple. The compilation of the list forms the second stage of the Temple Institute's project to 'restore Biblical purity' to the world, the first stage being the commencement of a Red Heifer breeding programme in Israel which was announced last year. Theorganization hopes that this programme will produce the animals required for ritually cleansing the Temple area and artefacts according to the Old Testament sacrificial system.

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