"I Prayed for You"

Written by Brother Joe McCartney

 Brother Joe McCartney here!

I attend Bible Believers Fellowship Scotland. In 2013 at the services I noticed a Sister at Church having health problems. It was one thing after another and she seemed not to get any comfort. I was concerned about this Sister and began to pray for her, that God would bless her and help in her time of distress. 
I began to sing while I was praying and the words came to me, then the music. I had never wrote a song before. I was also inspired by Acts 12 when the Church prayed for Peter and the answer was miraculious, because God sent an angel and Peter was delivered and set free. As a fellow believer of the Sister and going to the same fellowship, it was love that made me pray for the Sister. Her name is Pamela and I have known her all of her life. The song is called "I Prayed for You Today", (Pamela's Song). 
Christians pray for each other and I thank God that he gave me a heart that thinks in this manner. Praise God for His grace and love.
Brother Joe McCartney

I Prayed for You Today

I prayed for you today, I prayed for you
The angel of the Lord, would come to you
To bless your heart, to touch your soul
To lift your life and make you whole
I prayed for you today, I prayed for you
I prayed for you today, I prayed for you