Was it Really an Apple?

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The Doctrine of Original Sin as taught in most Christian Churches is absolutely way-off from what the Bible teaches

Is the Biblical Garden of Eden true or a myth?

Let us offer you an interpretation of the story found in the Book of Genesis chapters 2 & 3 that will bring light on the subject and will show you that the book of Genesis actually does give an accurate account of events. Therefore, as you read on, you will discover that there is no mention of an apple in the Eden account at all. There is no slithering snake speaking to Eve and you will find that Cain and Able were half-brothers only, as Adam was not the father of Cain.

What does the Bible say about “The Fruit”? (Genesis 2:9)

Adam and the Woman could eat of every tree, but were forbidden by God to eat of the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” lest they die (see Genesis 2:17). However, partaking of this “Tree” brought them both to a knowledge, not only of good and evil, death, but also of “SIN”. In the Bible, the term “Fruit” is often used in reference to offspring or to children (see Psalms 127:3).

What does the Bible say about the “Serpent”?

The Serpent was much wiser than any other creature. It was also categorised as a “Cattle” and not a reptile (see Genesis 3:14). It could talk, standing upright like a man, that is until God’s judgement fell upon it, putting it down on its belly. This judgement changed the Serpent into the form we now know as a snake (see Genesis 3:14). The Apostle Paul tells us that the Serpent seduced Eve when he expressed his concerns to the Church, which he thought may also be seduced, only this time in a spiritual sense (see 2 Corinthians 11:1-4). Paul shows that Eve was deceived by the Serpent into taking him for her husband instead of Adam. The woman having learned of sexual relations from the Serpent, she also gave to her husband, resulting in twins being born of her, but her offspring had two very different natures from two very different fathers.

From that time, the woman was called “Eve” which means “Mother of all living” (see Genesis 3:20). However, it cannot be said of Adam that he was the father of all living, for the Bible states that “Cain, was of that wicked one,” indicating that the Serpent was Cain’s father not Adam (see 1 John 3:12). Able was murdered by Cain because of Cain’s jealousy and envy of righteous Able (see 1 John 3:12) and when Adam and Eve had another child called Seth, he was rightly known as “Seth son of Adam, Adam son of God” (see Luke 3:38).tree

Who then sinned?

The Bible says, “And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression (see 1 Timothy 2:14). In other words, Adam knew he was going to disobey God and would fall into sin, whereas Eve was tricked into committing fornication with her seducer. The results of their sin caused them to cover themselves with aprons made from leaves (see Genesis 3:7-8). This was because they could no longer stand in God’s Holy presence naked, knowing that their sin was now exposed and they could no longer fellowship with God on their previous terms. Eve, having given herself to the serpent, caused her to commit the sin of fornication (see John 8:41), causing her marriage to Adam to be compromised and with it the whole of humanity fell from God’s grace. From that time also, God caused enmity between the “Woman’s Seed” and the “Serpent’s Seed” that remains to this day, meaning that these two species will never reproduce or mingle their seed together again (see Genesis 3:15). Although we do not support the theory of evolution, the “Serpent Seed” remains the missing link science struggle to find that once stood in the gap between man and the animal kingdom.

God’s Remedy for Sin

God having foreseen that they would fall into sin, He provided a remedy that would bring them and the whole human race back into fellowship with Himself. Therefore, God provided a sacrifice and with the skin of that sacrifice, He provided garments for the first man and woman. Since that time the prescribed method of communion with God has always been through a blood sacrifice.

The process works like this; we believe that we deserve to die for our own sin and transgression of God’s law, yet we accept that God’s provided sacrifice would suffer the judgement for us, taking our sins upon its head for us.

God’s provided sacrifice for our day is His Son, Jesus Christ who became known as “The Lamb of God” taking away the sins of the world (see John 1:29). Born of a virgin, He was raised up to be a perfect sacrifice that could relate to our experience. He shed His blood instead of ours on the Cross of Calvary. Besides this, His virgin birth means that His blood was the pure sinless blood of the Son of God (see Acts 20:28), bypassing the “Serpent’s Seed” from which we have all been defiled and born into sin (see Psalm 51:5).
Jesus said… “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”. (see John 3:16)

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Was it Really an Apple?  Was it Really an Apple?